Cahoots Brewing – Reprise

Reprise by definition is a repetition or return to the first theme or subject.  It is also the name of Rat Pack legend Frank Sinatra’s record company that was founded in 1960.  But today the context is being used for craft beer, not the crooner music we know and love.

Recently I posted about one of the newest, local breweries, Cahoots.  I gave credit where credit was due but was disappointed in their pricing structure.  Well, very quickly after publishing this post to our blog, Cahoots reached out to us directly with some candid, detailed, behind the scenes feedback.  I won’t get into specifics but they broke down the reasons they unfortunately have to charge as much as they do for a bomber of beer.  Sure, $15 is a lot to support these guys at the moment but after reviewing the trials and tribulations of a somewhat gypsy brewer who doesn’t have a building to call home, I now understand what they are charging is justified and barely turning a profit.

So keep a mindful eye for start up craft breweries like Cahoots.  Their bomber prices aren’t affordable for most but look for them on tap for the time being.  Hopefully in the future they’ll find a base camp and rightsize the pricing strategy they’re held to today.