Ahoy Mateys!

Death Wish Coffee Co. beat out 15,000 other small companies to be featured in a 30 second ad during Super Bowl 50. I had to chance to try this coffee as I got a pound bag for Xmas. I drank it for a solid week, and it is quite bold, and is the darkest brew I can recall drinking. Didn’t really notice if it gave me more pep or not. If you rarely drink coffee, then you should notice that is more powerful than your Folgers. I just noticed a bolder flavorful taste. It is pricey at $20, but I think it’s better to give a fellow coffee drinker as a gift, and not as a regular pickup for your morning Joe. Maybe keep a bag in a safe, just in case you need an emergency pick up? I need to pick up some more bags, (Amazon) and give it another go though to really give it a solid rating. Maybe I will try their K-cups next.



This is a very small company out of New York, and they are expecting a good increase in sales after this ad is aired. It will be great to hear the news of sales and traffic to their site when they have that info to publish. It’s nice to see the little guy get a push. Stay tuned coffee drinkers!