3 Floyds APA Disguised As A Pale Wheat


Three Floyds Brewery puts out some rather sought after beverages, no question.  If you’ve been keeping up with Page Of Man you know we’ve already rated a couple such as the extremely elusive Zombie Dust and the not so exciting, Jinx Proof.  But that is not what we’re here to discuss today…

Gumballhead rocks another one of the best beer labels around and is one of the Three Floyds flagships available (if you can find it) year round.  This brew pours a straw/light golden color and is considered a pale wheat.  Just like Zombie Dust which is a single hop (Citra) APA, Gumballhead is a single hop (Amarillo) pale wheat.  But let’s be honest, this is more or less a glorified, easy drinking APA.  As I like to call it, a “Gateway Brew” for those beginners out there just becoming acquainted with mouth puckering hop bitterness (now showcased in this beer) and aroma.  Because it is marketed as a wheat it will invite the curious novices but at the same time the veterans know this oozes with an easy drinking bouquet of orange and other citrus scents such as grapefruit.

An extremely adequate contender for the Summer months, be sure to seek out one of the lesser difficult to find Three Floyds offerings and enjoy yourselves.